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A fictitious story about two legendary revolutionaries and their journey away from home before they started fighting for their country in 1920s. Editing A Sreekar Prasad Art Director Sabu Cyril


Bheemla Nayak

Things change when the egos of an upright police officer and a retired army havildar clash. Editing Navin Nooli Art Director A S Prakash


Shyam Singa Roy

Centers in the theme of reincarnation, unfolding in Kolkata and Hyderabad. Editing Navin Nooli Art Director Avinash Kolla


Pushpa: The Rise

Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun) a coolie, volunteers to smuggle red sanders, a rare wood that only grows in Andhra, with the help of novel ideas to smuggle the red sanders. Pushpa quickly becomes leader of red sanders smuggling network. While…



Balakrishna plays a fierce devotee of Lord Shiva, who stands tall against evildoers. Editing Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Tammiraju Art Director A S Prakash


Drushyam 2

Secrets from the past are brought to light due to an unexpected turn of events. Can Rambabu save his family this time? Editing Marthand K Venkatesh Art Director Rajeev Kovilakom, Rajeev Nayar