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Karthik hails from a poor farmer’s family in a village near Tirupati. He works at an IT company in Hyderabad. Chaitra is his colleague and tries her best to make him fall in love with her. But Karthik has a…



Revolving around undertrial prisoners who languish in jails while awaiting a judgement, the movie follows Surya Prakash who gets caught in a similar situation while being on trial for the murder of a powerful man. Editing Navin Nooli Art Director…



The plot revolves around the romantic love journey of two youngsters. Their smooth love story gets affected due to the situations and things take a dangerous turn. Can they stay safe and be helpful to each other in risky situations?…



Krack is an action film which follows Veera Shankar, a hot headed police sergeant, who forms a vicious rivalry with notorious crime figure, Katari Krishna. Based on multiple true incidents that took place in the states of Andhra Pradesh and…



Set in 2005 in the village of Kambalapally, Telangana, Ravi is an innocent degree student who is fascinated by computers. While computer and internet are new to the people in those times, Hybath opens an internet centre in the village….



Rishi and his girlfriend Adithi set out on a journey by road to visit Rishi’s father and their car breaks down in a route. A stranger offers them a stay at his house and as their stay extends, Rishi gets…